lucyclarke75 said: Hi, I was diagnosed with MS in January of this year (2012) and have been on Copaxone since March. I am hoping that changing my diet will have an effect on my disease and wanted to find out from you whether there was anyone conducting similar research to yours in the UK? I had some intolerance blood tests done IgG which highlighted a number of items and therefore I have eliminated those from my diet. Can you suggest any further tests or advice me in any way? Kind regards Lucy

Hi Lucy,

I have to apologize as I did not notice this message and have no idea when it may have arrived. I always recommend the MRT food sensitivity test for MS patients because it looks for the release of inflammatory signals in your body rather than IgG antibodies which may or may not be present. I would be happy to have a longer conversation about MS and food sensitivities by email or Skype. Please feel free to contact me at info at

Learn about the Fight MS with Food project.

The Fight MS with Food project

The Fight MS with Food project exists to explore the link between undiagnosed food sensitivities and multiple sclerosis.

While current medical research focuses on finding a magic drug to cure MS, this new approach theorizes that by avoiding the immune response caused by Type IV hypersensitivity reactions to certain foods, MS sufferers will be able to avoid triggering the debilitating MS symptoms caused by aberrant immune responses.

multiple sclerosis caused by food sensitivities

Watch the Fight MS with Food video to learn more!

MS patients enrolled in the program will receive blood testing to determine food sensitivities, along with personal dietary management and customized menus and recipes.

The goal is to collect statistical data as to the efficacy and validity of the theory and program while giving enrolled MS patients immediate relief from symptoms and a decrease in inflammatory activity.

Funding and donations are actively sought to help defray the costs of testing and follow-up counseling and tracking for financially-strapped MS patients. Donations are accepted through the donation button on this site.

Geographic location is not an obstacle to joining the project, with the only restriction being the ability to send a package overnight to Florida.

To learn if you are an appropriate candidate to enroll in the Fight MS with Food project, contact the director, Elizabeth Yarnell.